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Hossein GT Olya, PhD

Associate Professor/ senior Lecturer of Consumer Behaviour
Sheffield University Management School
Conduit Road, Sheffield, S10 1FL | Room: E27
T: +44(0)114 222 3303

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* Associate Editor, The Service Industries Journal (SSCI)
* EAB of International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (SSCI)
* Co-editor of special issue on ‘Nature-based solutions in hospitality and tourism industry’ in JHTR(SSCI)​
* Co-editor of special issue on ‘​Innovative mixed and multi method approaches’ in ICJHM (SSCI).
* Associate Editor of Journal of Tourismology

Hossein Olya is an Associate Professor (senior Lecturer) of Consumer Behaviour at the Sheffield University Management School, Sheffield, United Kingdom (UK). His research has a dual focus: tourism marketing and consumer behavior with a focus on destination management.

Dr. Olya has been delivering lectures for the past four years in international and multicultural universities. He has experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate research methods and marketing management courses. His teaching philosophy focuses on establishing a classroom atmosphere based on mutual respect, responsibility and accountably. He uses interactive, experiential and engaging learning methods in his teaching. Dr. Olya’s skills and competencies in information technology (IT), problem solving, presentation, and communication help me to effectively meet learning outcomes, share his skills and knowledge with students and improve their participation in the classroom. Through an open-door policy and frequent interactions with his mentees, He enjoys providing guidance on both academic and professional matters. He recently been teaching parts of consumer psychology courses, such as consumer psychology for moral purchasing, and He effectively disseminates his research findings in his lectures. His teaching has been informed by cutting-edge research by elaborating on complex phenomena in a simple and comprehensible approach.

At an institutional level, He has provided academic leadership for several academic colleagues and master and PhD students. Two of his PhD students successfully graduated. Dr. Olya is helping junior members of the staff develop their research projects in addition to advising them on teaching and research activities. Additionally, He is currently running a series of sessions for PhD students to help them apply advanced quantitative analyses appropriately. He has experience with curriculum development and internationally accredited programmes (e.g. FIBAA) at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, having served as a coordinator for the online education programme at for three years.

In the last four years, Dr. Olya has had 33 academic publications including 4* and 3* journals with high impact factors. He is currently serving as associate editor of the Service Industries Journal and as an ad-hoc reviewer for other peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Business Research, Tourism Management, and Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science, being among the top 1% of reviewers in the fields of business and management as determined by Publons in 2017. Dr. Olya is a regularly invited speaker to many prestigious international conferences in Italy, South Korea, Cyprus, Turkey, Kazakhstan and UK. His capabilities to conduct both quantitative and qualitative research, analytical thinking and conceptualization skills resulted in the generation of creative and innovative ideas and development of relevant and impactful research projects through offering practical implications for researchers and practitioners.

Dr. Olya is ambitious about cross-disciplinary opportunities and committed to working collaboratively across the school. Integrating his engineering background with social science enables me to model complex social phenomena by offering new insights into our understanding of complex consumer behaviours and dynamic destination development processes. He contributes in research projects as both a principal investigator (PI) and a member of the research team. As an interdisciplinary researcher, He is confident about effectively contributing to multidisciplinary projects.

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