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    Director of Research Development for Marketing & CCI
    University of Sheffield, UK

  • Global Sustainable Tourism Conference

    October 2016, Suwon, South Korea

Dr. Hossein Olya is a Senior Lecturer in Consumer Behaviour and Director of Research Development for Marketing and CCI at the Sheffield University Management School, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom (UK). His research has a dual focus: consumer behaviour and tourism marketing with a focus on complexity theory. In the last three years, Dr Olya had over 40 academic publications including 4* and 3* journals with high impact factors. He is currently serving as associate editor of the International Journal of Consumer Studies and the Service Industries Journal and as an editorial board member for other peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Vacation Marketing and International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. He is a regularly invited speaker to many prestigious international conferences in Italy, South Korea, Cyprus, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Africa and the UK.