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    Dr. Olya is a member of Oxford School of Hospitality Management in Oxford Brookes University, UK. His work has advanced the field of Tourism Marketing, Modeling Customer Behavior, Tourism Climate, GIS, and Modelling of Environmental System. He is methodology editor of the ​Service Industries Journal (SSCI).

  • Global Sustainable Tourism Conference

    October 2016, Suwon, South Korea

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Hossein GT Olya,

PhD. of Tourism Management,

Faculty of Business,

Oxford Brookes University,

Oxford, OX3 0BP, UK.

Webpage: www.olyah.com

Email: ​​​​holya@brookes.ac.uk

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*Associate Editor, The Service Industries Journal (SSCI)

Hossein Olya is PhD of Tourism Management at Faculty of Business, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK. He contributes as methodology editor of the Service Industrial Journal. He was an Assist. Prof. of Tourism Management at Sejong University, Seoul from Sep 2016 to Aug. 2017.  He was aslo Head of Tourism Department at British University of Nicosia, Cyprus from Sep. 2015 till Aug. 2016. He received his BS degree in natural resource engineering (2007) at the University of Tehran and MSc degree (2009) in natural resource engineering at Zabol University. He received his PhD degree (June 2015) in tourism management in the Tourism Faculty at Eastern Mediterranean University

Olya has viable experience in both industry and academia. He has served a consultant for engineer companies in the fields of the environment and natural resources for more than seven years. He was manager of a research project in the International Carbon Sequestration Project, coordinated by the UNDP. He was a researcher for seven research projects funded by the University of Tehran, Agriculture Ministry, and Sathoom Desert Research Center. He earned a license as a consultant in the field of natural resources engineering in 2011 and was head of the Geographical Information System (GIS) Department, Agriculture Ministry in Birjand from 2010 to 2012. In addition, he has five years of teaching experience and has published two books on tourism and natural resources: Atlas of Desert Tourism and Horticulture and Garden Tourism.

Olya’s research interests include tourism marketing, modeling consumer behavior, tourism climate, GIS, fuzzy logic, asymmetric modelling using fsQCA with complexity theory, Halal tourism, and modelling of environmental systems. He has made numerous publications in scientific journals and presentations at conferences. He was selected as a third young researcher at the Festival of Superior Young Adult Living Abroad, organized by the President–Supreme Council of Affairs Abroad in 2012.

His recent work on tourist assessment of climate risk has been published in Tourism Management and Journal of Business Research. He is one of the pioneer researchers who applied fsQCA and complexity theory in tourism industry. He used this innovative approach for predicting behavior of residents for supporting tourism development which is issued in Journal of Travel Research. He serves as a reviewer for 13 journals, including Tourism Management, Journal of Business ResearchCurrent Issues in TourismInternational Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, etc. Recently, Hossein is nominated as top one percent reviewer in the field of business and management.  

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